Keeping the Conversation Going on Board Diversity

Continuing The Conversation: November 2017

I’ve been taking a writing class focused on memoir. A classmate described an experience that I’ve thought of often, most recently following a group discussion on board diversity in the Hudson Valley. He’s African American and recalled being a boy going with his grandmother, also African American, to vote in a setting of hostility toward […]

How Boards Are Improving and Failing – and What to Do Next

Continuing The Conversation: October 2017

I’m a study geek, to a degree. I recommend the BoardSource report, Leading with Intent: 2017 National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices, as must reading for every nonprofit. For one reason, it’s the ninth report in this series since 1994, so there’s enough history to truly track “generalized trends and changes” in vital areas, the study […]

A Champion Of Diversity

Continuing The Conversation: May 2016

I’m thrilled that Eleanor Roosevelt will be sharing the $5 bill with Abraham Lincoln. ER is one of my heroes. She’s an inspiring champion of diversity and a leadership role model. I’m fortunate to know of her impact firsthand – both as a resident of Roosevelt country in New York’s Hudson Valley, and as a […]

Are We Creating More Diverse Boards?

Continuing The Conversation: February 2016

We’re in Oscar season, and one thing I enjoy about the lead-up to the awards ceremony is the lineup of Oscar-winning movies on my classic movie channel. There has been controversy this year over the lack of diversity among nominees for the four major acting awards. I’ve thought about that as I watch many of […]