Nonprofits TALK

Nonprofits TALK

Continuing the Conversation…

Continuing The Conversation: September 2018

Read a blog … share a blog … get ideas, perspective and professional tips on advocacy to training and a host of essential nonprofit needs in-between. Search my blog library using the options at left. I post occasional new blogs on timely topics. For getting started, five personal picks on universal issues: Keys to Keeping […]

Redesigning and Redefining: Evolving Nonprofits TALK

Continuing The Conversation: June 2018

June marks a special start for me — the beginning of the second year of Nonprofits TALK, the professional forum I lead monthly as a service to Hudson Valley nonprofit organizations. Granted, I’m always in reflection mode, looking at how to improve. With NPT, taking-stock progressed from thought to action when I began shifting NPT […]