Signature Events

Signature Events

When an Event Truly Educates

Continuing The Conversation: April 2016

If you’re new to my blog, here’s an important bit of information about me – my first career was in teaching. I worked with special education students in the Bronx. That’s how I was introduced to Astor Services for Children and Families, where I’ve long served as a board member, and eventually to my present […]

The Risks – and Rewards – of Reinventing a Signature Event

Continuing The Conversation: January 2016

Originally posted on Inside Philanthropy There’s a great Bette Davis quote that goes something like, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” It puts me in mind of the recently departed month and the image of decrepit Father Time ambling out of the year. Certainly for nonprofits that depend on a year-end fundraising blitz, December […]

What To Do About Deja Vu Events

Continuing The Conversation: November 2013

How many times have you gone to a nonprofit event and thought: déjà vu all over again. From my experience, it’s far too often. In fact, not long ago, a contributor to many good causes articulated to me the heretical idea to combine the local annual galas into one big lollapalooza. After all, went the […]

Those Good Old Magic Words

Continuing The Conversation: June 2013

Let’s start with some givens about nonprofit development. It’s tough. Even in the best economy, there are so many worthy causes competing for attention and dollars. In a bad economy – well, you know that reality from living it in recent years. Development executives are always in pursuit of donor support. One event ends and […]