Welcome! As a consultant and strategist, I believe in the vital place of nonprofits in every community, everywhere. Organizations of all sizes serve needs from the essential to the overlooked, offering opportunity and hope to individuals, families and beyond.

My role in this collective, collaborative effort is to proactively drive and enable nonprofits to thrive by advising, guiding, promoting and supporting nonprofit executives and boards. I invite you to browse my focus areas, professional background, client services, and my resources and blogs. Interested in working together? Let’s connect.


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Focus Areas


To thrive, nonprofits need solid leadership. I work with executive directors and board chairs on critical skills and wearing comfortably the many hats of a nonprofit leader.


Donors are individuals and relationships matter. I strategize on building partnerships with donors — no matter the level — and maximizing online and face-to-face fundraising.


Great board members aren’t born — education is key. As a one-time teacher and a nonprofit board member, I apply an insider’s perspective to helping boards with governance.


The heart of program and workshop planning is bringing people together. I combine a natural networking instinct with an acquired facility for fostering idea sharing and problem solving.


I advocate through my writing, and as a voice on panels, for systemic change — such as more diversity among board members and executive leaders — that can benefit every nonprofit.

My Background

Compatibility is important when addressing challenges together. From my years in the nonprofit world and an early career in education, I have ample experience in working as a team player, managing multiple needs with patience and sensitivity, and taking a knowledge-based approach to defining issues and finding solutions. Get more on my background as a nonprofit consultant and my professional philosophy.


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