Planning and Strategy

Planning and Strategy

If Your Digital Strategy is Nonexistent…Join The Crowd

Continuing The Conversation: May 2017

Every once in a while, amidst the articles, posts and reports I read daily, I’m genuinely surprised.   That happened recently, in quick succession, on the same topic: nonprofits and digital strategy. A 101 Fundraising post (by Meg Gardner) highlighted a report that over 60% of nonprofits globally lack a digital strategy. In the Nonprofit Quarterly […]

Wearing Many Hats But Keeping Monkeys at Bay

Continuing The Conversation: December 2016

I was at an event recently where an executive director I know shared the familiar frustration of the “many hats” a nonprofit leader must wear. In this case, it was having to take on the lion’s share of organizing an event at a time when you are already in the midst of end-of-year fundraising tasks, […]

What Does It Take to Collaborate?

Continuing The Conversation: April 2016

I’ve made a real push for more collaboration in my corner of the nonprofit world. I believe that it’s critical for nonprofits to find common ground and work together. I’ve also acted on my goals to collaborate more within my own sphere. Experience is a great teacher. My belief in collaboration is as firm as […]

Learning From My Survey (Mis)Adventure

Continuing The Conversation: September 2015

My blog has always been about sharing my experiences as a nonprofit consultant – which includes revealing the occasional wart, so others might avoid it. In keeping with that pledge – welcome to the tale of my first reader survey. Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending. But the unexpected challenges and snafus – as […]

How My Garden – and Nonprofits – Thrive

Continuing The Conversation: August 2015

I discovered my third calling when I transplanted to the Hudson Valley: gardening. Teaching was my first and working with nonprofits became my second and, of course, still current. Both were very much established in my hometown, New York. Certainly there are community gardens and terrace oases in the city, but they weren’t part of […]

How Long Will Your Organization Be Relevant?

Continuing The Conversation: July 2015

Does that sound like a worrisome question? I’m not trying to create anxiety. But if you caught my last blog, you know that asking questions is one of the chief ways I get information – and that I encourage nonprofits to do the same. Among the questions I believe should be asked, and often, is […]

The aha! of rebranding

Continuing The Conversation: August 2013

We know the for-profit world doesn’t hesitate to rebrand to keep up with changing times, markets, and technology. What of the nonprofit world? How often do organizations ask, Are we still the same org? Is our mission still relevant and accurate to what we really do on the ground, day in and day out? Does […]