Board Competence: Putting It All Together

Continuing The Conversation: November 2014

It’s a busy fall of workshops and conferences for me. I’ve been hearing inspiring speakers and meeting accomplished, savvy experts. I’m enjoying a season of learning and networking. About now it’s time to synthesize themes and messages for big ideas that come through. Here are some issues and aims in my sights. Raising the Board […]

Getting Fresh Blood on Your Board

Continuing The Conversation: October 2014

Although I write in the season of ghoulish fun, there’s no holiday “spirit” lurking in this blog. By “fresh blood” I mean bringing on younger board members – not a token one or two, but developing a mindset and method for achieving greater age balance as a rule. I’ve talked often about board composition and […]

Retiring the Tin Cup

Continuing The Conversation: December 2013

It’s mid-December and the annual end-of-year “ask” is well in progress. Virtually every cause is reminding donors that it’s still around and in need of support. The approach can be overwhelming, with a multitude of letters and emails asking – sometimes, what seems like begging, or worse, badgering – individuals to give. I’m not saying […]

Becoming A Master Juggler

Continuing The Conversation: October 2013

We hear a lot about people in nonprofit organizations “wearing many hats,” i.e., holding many responsibilities at once. I’ve come to think that the many-hats analogy is all wrong – and can even lead to trouble for an organization. Switching hats implies nothing about how the job is done. And when there is so much […]

The aha! of rebranding

Continuing The Conversation: August 2013

We know the for-profit world doesn’t hesitate to rebrand to keep up with changing times, markets, and technology. What of the nonprofit world? How often do organizations ask, Are we still the same org? Is our mission still relevant and accurate to what we really do on the ground, day in and day out? Does […]

Those Good Old Magic Words

Continuing The Conversation: June 2013

Let’s start with some givens about nonprofit development. It’s tough. Even in the best economy, there are so many worthy causes competing for attention and dollars. In a bad economy – well, you know that reality from living it in recent years. Development executives are always in pursuit of donor support. One event ends and […]