Over time I have come to believe that listing each client I’ve worked with is not as valuable as describing types of challenges and how I deliver solutions. Get a sampling below.

Do you have a challenge or need - one or more, similar or different from what you see here? Let's talk!

Client Challenge: Startup Support

A dedicated founder with a great idea in need of broad support: as a nonprofit strategist, it’s exciting to be in on the beginning of a new nonprofit. The stakes are also high for a startup and I never forget that in filling my consultant role.

Services and Solutions: For an arts-based startup, I

  • developed a strategic plan;
  • guided board member selection and training;
  • advised on donor development;
  • promoted strategic relationships with community leaders.

Measuring Results: Five years out, the organization is making a mark in the region.

Client Challenge: Executive Coaching

A director new to an organization or even new to the nonprofit sector: there can be a host of reasons that compel a nonprofit executive to reach out for individual support through coaching. It’s one of my favorite types of client relationships – the opportunity to work one on one to help develop a more knowledgeable and confident leader.

Services and Solutions: For a recent coaching client, I provided guidance and resources to

  • enhance working relationships with the board;
  • build a more visible profile within the community;
  • prioritize leadership goals;
  • strengthen decision-making skills.

Measuring Results: The director emerged from our coaching sessions on firmer ground as a leader; with valuable resources on governance and organizational development for ongoing guidance; and with more solid connections outside the organization.

Client Challenge: Board Development

Boards benefit from many types of education. As a longtime board member as well as nonprofit strategist, I bring both an insider’s experience and a consultant’s broader perspective to support and training of nonprofit board members.

Services and Solutions: Working with nonprofit boards frequently involves educating and training in

  • governance responsibilities and best practices;
  • fundraising roles;
  • advocating as organizational ambassadors;
  • communicating with stakeholders.

Measuring Results: Many outcomes of board development are revealed within the privacy of board meetings and incrementally through better decision-making. One frequent measure is board members more in tune with their advocacy and fundraising roles.

Client Challenge: Board Diversity

More and more nonprofit research confirms that greater diversity – racial, ethnic, gender and age – in nonprofit boards and executive leadership strengthens organizations. It’s the wave of the future that’s reaching the shoreline!

Services and Solutions: My work on board diversity involves

  • developing forums for raising diversity awareness;
  • advising on optimum criteria for board selection;
  • advising on optimum board composition;
  • developing approaches to building board diversity.

Measuring Results: Forums on board diversity – including a series of blogs generating high readership and comment buzz – consistently demonstrate powerful interest, a first step to widespread action and change.

Client Challenge: Donor Development

Turning first-time contributors into recurring donors: it’s one of the biggest challenges for every nonprofit. And it’s essential to meet, to ensure an organization’s sustainability.

Services and Solutions: Strategizing on donor development involves

  • building partner relationships with donors;
  • educating board members on their fundraising roles;
  • creating donor campaigns, including crowdfunding events;
  • developing organizational understanding that donors give through a nonprofit to support a cause;
  • developing effective approaches to donor retention.

Measuring Results: Clients report changed understanding of how to communicate with and retain donors, with emphasis on the value of going beyond the traditional end of year appeals to reach donors year round with evidence of effective use of their gifts.

Client Challenge: Signature Events

A signature event heightens a nonprofit’s profile in the community or region. Early experience with creating events in metro New York – and its lively competition for donors – provides valuable perspective on do’s and dont's.

Services and Solutions: My work on signature events frequently involves

  • reassessing impact and cost of events;
  • networking for event partnerships;
  • promoting powerful presentations for maximum impact;
  • using technology for promotion and presentation to create a dynamic event;
  • advising on before, during and after details to garner ongoing participant interest and donor development.

Measuring Results: Many successful events, with a recent track record of both new events becoming fixtures on community calendars and key roles in revitalizing fading events.