Client Services

Every nonprofit is unique. How I work with an organization is tailored to what the leadership and the mission require. I bring to all of my consulting and strategizing an intuitive feel for emerging trends and my trademark high energy and fresh thinking.

My clients are based throughout the Hudson Valley and metro New York. They vary by size, age and focus. Rather than listing client names*, I believe it’s more valuable to describe types of challenges and how I deliver solutions. Get a sampling here.

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*For names of some current and past clients, check my résumé.


Client Challenge: Startup Support
Client Challenge: Executive Coaching
Client Challenge: Board Education
Client Challenge: Board Diversity
Client Challenge: Donor Development
Client Challenge: Signature Events

Three ways we can work together

Consultant On Call

As-needed support

Startups often benefit from having a consultant in place to answer questions and provide advice. But any nonprofit can go through transition periods or have tasks at hand that need sporadic yet ongoing guidance from an outside expert. We agree on terms, format (phone, facetime, email and/or in person) and minimums/maximums.

Project Consultant-Leader

Transformational projects

Significant projects, such as getting an emerging organization underway, or recomposing and educating a nonprofit board, require a dedicated period of time and consistent number of work hours or days to keep the project momentum going from start to finish. I generally cap projects at six months of part-time or full-time work. We negotiate terms based on needs and schedule.

Training Consultant-Presenter

Program/workshop sessions

I develop and facilitate, with special attention to education and training of board members and executive leadership. We determine the number of sessions (single, multiple, series) based on a discussion of your needs.